Analysis & Development

Training + Analysis+ Development

There is a small leap one can make from being good at what they do and being great at what they do. The key to making this leap is receiving the professional training, support and tools to move to a higher level of achievement. TAD Grants has a multitude of training courses that are customizable to meet the specific needs of the professionals within your organization. Being able to customize your training experience to meet the specific needs of your business and your employees translates to a more cost effective way to reach your goals.

Analysis – Partnerships + Insight

Understanding how to improve upon or replicate success depends on analysis of all processes, policies and procedures. By utilizing our assessment process organizations will have the information required to operate effectively, plan for future projects and implement sound process improvement strategies.

Analysis Element Include:

  • Organization Assessment is the key to building capacity, thriving in lean economic situations and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Program/Grant Evaluation ensures outcome measures are being met and customers are being served efficiently and effectively.
  • Staff & Sub Contractor Evaluation is critical to maintaining integrity within programs and service delivery.


Planning for the future is an imperative aspect of any successful organization. TAD Grants can develop a strategic plan with key members of your team and with the Board of Directors to map out the future of your organization. We also provide individualized coaching for employees to support and improve upon their leadership skills. These types of professional development services are customized to meet the needs of your business and achieve your mission.

Development Elements Include:

Strategic Planning will allow organizations to identify assets and liabilities, timelines and actionable items to effectively execute projects.

Board Training can be one of the most important undertakings any organization can experience. Board members that are properly oriented and trained will ensure your organization continues to expand and improves community impact.

Capacity Building: Understanding your organizations assets and strengths is key to scaling the scope and size of services you offer. Obtaining and maintaining the skills, resources and tools to increase the quality and quantity of services is accomplished by setting a culture of excellence and a meaningful connection with your customer base.  Our approach to capacity building is to work closely with leadership, staff and partners to create a plan to expand the impact organizations have on their customer base.

TAD Grants works closely with organizations to evaluate their existing programs and assist them in determining effectiveness. Our team will work with you to design an evaluation plan that can be inclusive of everything from staff evaluations and how the internal teams and partnerships are functioning to the financial solvency from a funders perspective.  Consistent analysis of your organizations programming, partnerships and contracts can provide insight needed to achieve a level of excellence within your team and your business.