Episode 18 – A Global Perspective of the Pandemic and Career Development

Description: TAD Talks was thrilled to have a special guest Aliaa El-Dardery, FCD Instructor and Certified Life and Career Coach join us from Cairo, Egypt. We discussed the effects of the pandemic on the workforce and the opportunities that have arisen from the pandemic. Aliaa sheds light on strategies for keeping yourself organized, motivated, and mentally healthy while pursuing your career and life goals. This podcast offers a global perspective and demonstrates how the human experience takes precedence over geography.

Episode 17 – Business Services: Best Practices from the Field

Description:  Jaime Cruz, Executive Director of Workforce Connections Southern Nevada joins us to discuss the Business Hub and the partnerships and strategies used to improve business services and engage the community in ensuring that businesses have the skilled workers they need to thrive through the global pandemic.

Episode 16 – Reinventing the Workforce System

Description:  Larry Robbin, Executive Director of Robbin and Associates joins TAD Talks to share his ideas and strategies for addressing the flood of job seekers we will be serving due to the pandemic and its effect on the unemployment rate. Larry shares his thoughts on how we can change our thinking and create system-wide changes to quickly reemploy our customers without jeopardizing the quality of service.

Episode 15 – Workforce Is Broken: How to use Labor Market Intelligence to increase value & connect customers with businesses

Description:  President and CEO of Employ Prince George’s Walter Simmons joins TAD Talks to discuss our current state of workforce development, how we connect to businesses and how we can use innovation to connect the talent pipeline directly to the current and future jobs Post-Covid.

Episode 14 – The Future is Now!

Description: An in depth discussion with the Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Work Ethic Development and World-Renowned speaker Josh Davies. We discuss the future of workforce development, where the jobs will be and which post pandemic workplace skills will be in demand. This podcast has a little something for everyone in workforce and career development from Workforce Boards to Case Managers, Business Services Consultants and Work Readiness Facilitators.

Episode 13 – Change Management: Embracing the Suck

Description: The level of change we are all experiencing can feel extreme, stressful or overwhelming. We discuss three best practices for improving your resilience to change, embracing the process and moving from resistance and fear to positive results.

Episode 12 – Navigating the “New Normal” A discussion with Career TEAM’s Harrison Tonne, Chief Innovation Officer

Description: TAD Talks was thrilled to have special guest Harrison Tonne, CIO of Career TEAM join us to discuss strategies for delivering effective career services using technology. Join us as we discuss how to adopt and adapt to the new ways in which we will serve our customers now and in the future without compromising the personal touch. Additionally, Harrison shares  innovative ideas for offering occupational skills training using virtual services.

Episode 11 – Working from home, being productive and Workforce Post Corona

Description: We discuss three tips for staying productive while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to prepare for Post Corona influx of customers utilizing workforce services.

Episode 10 – Listen, Learn, Connect!

Description: We all consider ourselves excellent listeners, after all we work in an industry where this is crucial to understanding the needs of our customers. But, listening is a skill that often gets dull. Everyday distractions, phones, emails and even our own pressing desire to HELP can make it difficult to truly listen to others. This podcast provides a few tips on how to become better at intentionally and actively listening and the benefits of using just these few tips in your professional life.

Episode 9 – Kick Off 2020 – Plan it, Do it, Stick with it!

Description: Setting yourself up for success in the new year is about setting realistic goals, holding yourself accountable and staying motivated. This episode will discuss a few techniques for setting achievable goals in 2020!

Episode 8 – Regional Business Services Concepts & Promising Practices

Description: Special guest Dawn Boulanger, Workforce Development Board Director for San Luis Opisbo County discusses the approach to a 4 county regional business services model.

Episode 7 – Putting People before the Numbers

Description: This episode is from the SETA fall conference in Savannah, Ga, where Aaron and Tressa discuss their training on the three strategies for improving performance in workforce development.

Episode 6 – Pursuit of Happiness

Description: Join us as we share simple strategies we can implement to feel more fulfilled in our careers and increase our happiness in our work.

Episode 5 – CWA 2019 WORKCON Bonus Episode

Description: This episode has a special guest Melissa Robbins, CEO of NAWDP. We had an opportunity to discuss the future of workforce and how NAWDP supports and works closely with state associations like the California Workforce Association to promote ongoing professional development training and certifications.

Episode 4 – Crushing Customer Service

Description: This episode discusses some key concepts to building a culture of customer service excellence and building trust with our customers.

Episode 3 – Workforce Development: The Default Profession

Description: This episode is from our nation’s capital, Washington DC, where Aaron and Tressa reflect on the lessons and key takeaways of their experiences when assisting workforce development professionals in their pursuit for continuous training and education for themselves.

Episode 2 – Exploring the Link Between Career and Workforce Development Services for Youth with Disabilities.

Description: Dr. Tina Anctil discusses resources and ways workforce and vocational rehabilitation can partner to better serve youth with disabilities, resources for practitioners and the importance of continuing education.

Episode 1 – Welcome to TAD Grants!

Description:  TAD Grants announces new online training site and an overview of upcoming training events coming in 2019.