Workforce and Career Development Essentials Package

This 8 course package delivers applicable strategies for workforce and career practitioners at all skill levels and provides
8 hours of continuing education.  Our courses are designed, developed and delivered by actual professional trainers.
They are not voice actors reading scripts created by course developers that have limited experience in the industry.

Get the following 8 courses for one low price:

Customer Service 101 (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

This course will teach professionals how to best apply high quality customer service strategies to quickly identify a customer’s
needs; prioritize those needs based upon resource allocation; and handle customer requests with the utmost of care and
professionalism. Staff will also learn how to efficiently move customers into the most appropriate program/service that
effectively meets their needs.  Additionally, Customer Service 101 will provide both an overview and detailed information
regarding the workforce system, the engagement of customers in the system, and the variety of pathways that customers can
travel as they navigate through the workforce system.

Customer Service Skills (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

Communication and building strong relationships with customers are two of the foundations to all good customer service models.
This course will address the ways in which we give and receive information, how to mindfully build trust and strategies for making
personal connections through technology.

Case Management Fundamentals (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

This course targets learners who are new to job seeker services and workforce development case management.  Content is designed
to orient new hires to the important role of case management within the workforce development system, and will equip learners
with the key elements of an effective case management system, the fundamental roles and responsibilities of a case manager/career
practitioner, and the case management-focused process that will enable them to successfully guide job seekers through workforce
development programs and services.

Career Advising Fundamentals (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

This course will provide learners with an overview of career advising within the workforce development system. Learning objectives
will include career assessments, individual career planning, career transition planning, and retention strategies.  These objectives
will be underpinned and woven together by focusing on the importance of relationships throughout the advising process; each topic
will stress the importance of building a strong and productive relationship with job seekers as learners guide them through the career
advising process and support them in the achievement of their identified career goals.

Developing Individual Career Plans (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

Developing a career plan with a job seeker requires in-depth knowledge of the effective use of career assessments and the ability to
develop detailed career action plans. This course will provide learners with practical skills for assisting customers as they make
career decisions and explore career pathways and will walk learners through the best process, they can utilize to develop comprehensive,
detailed career plans that maximize success.

Assessments and the Career Professional (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

Career Assessments are an important component of workforce and career development.  In order to best serve job seekers and
support them in identifying career pathways, workforce development practitioners should understand the role of assessments within
the career planning process. Learning objectives for this course will include an overview of assessments; the different types of
assessments that exist and the strengths of each type; understanding an applying assessment results; and the role of the Career Professional
in recommending and interpreting assessments with job seekers within the workforce development framework.

Employment Preparation and Placement Strategies (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

Designed for career practitioners who provide direct support to job seekers as well as program managers and senior staff, this course will
discuss a variety of specific strategies for engaging, motivating and preparing job seekers as they navigate through the workforce development
system. Additional course content includes the development and utilization of placement strategies within the demand driven workforce
development model as well as methods designed to increase employment outcomes.

Business Services Fundamentals (Earning One Continuing Education Hour)

This course will provide those responsible for business engagement and business services with the foundation of the Demand Driven
Business Services Model.  Objectives will include the implementation of Demand Driven Business Services; understanding business language;
identification of business needs; and techniques to build strong working relationships with the business community.

Workforce and Career Development Essentials Package

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