Career Branding – Claiming And Promoting Your Professional Identity

This course is designed for (a) professionals in career/workforce services wishing to provide focused guidance on crafting an impactful professional identity, as well as for (b) individuals wishing to enhance their personal brand in the marketplace. As you progress through the learning modules you will gain insight into such topics as using career branding to drive career progression, the key components of a quality personal brand, crafting job search and networking materials to promote a unique brand, and understanding the evolving nature of personal branding.

 Course Objectives and Audience

  • To inform and empower the learner on the benefits of building and promoting a unique personal brand as a key tool for career progression.
  • This material is applicable for the individual who is seeking career guidance, as well as the career professional providing career/workforce services to the student/client.

 Course Outcomes

  • Shifting the mindset to personal branding for career progression (Career Branding)
  • Understanding the building blocks of a unique personal brand.
  • Refining your career/job search materials to promote a unique brand
  • Identifying the ways in which a personal brand can be promoted to generate positive appeal
  • Embracing Career Branding as a critical, evolving project.

When you have finished the course, there is a short quiz.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion with a score of 80% or above.


Career Branding – Claiming And Promoting Your Professional Identity

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