Time Management: Improving Efficiency & Eliminating Stress

Do you wake up with a plan of all the things you will get accomplished for the day? By noon you are behind, nothing on your list is checked off and by quitting time you feel frustrated? Then this course is going to change the way you think about organizing your day, your behavior and most importantly give you the strategies and methods for increasing efficiency and reducing your daily stress and frustration.  

 Course Objectives/Outcomes

  • Learn how to prioritize daily tasks
  • Learn how to evaluate our activities in terms of importance and urgency
  • Understand how priorities vary between roles
  • Determine how to organize your schedule to improve efficiency
  • Determine what time boundaries are and how to implement them

When you have finished the course, there is a short quiz.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion with a score of 80% or above.


Time Management: Improving Efficiency & Eliminating Stress

1 year of access

Estimated Time:  60 Minutes
Earn 1 Continuing Education Hour